Andalusia, Southern Spain

Yulia Chernykh
12 min read · 22 Jan 24


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Andalusia: Majestic peaks, charming cities, and decadent cuisine define this Spanish gem. It was a relaxing trip with no rush. We would celebrate the New Year in a calm atmosphere and had nothing planned these days. We like hiking, so we filled the route with so many trail routes. Southern Spain is full of ancient caves, fossils and places of interest. And, of course, the most exciting thing became its Muslim background, leaving all these fantastic Islamic castles and mosques.

  • Days
  • Distance
    906 km
  • Spots
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Full route

  1. Seville - Córdoba - Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba - Roman Bridge of Córdoba - Córdoba
  2. Córdoba - El Gollizno Route - Castillo de Moclín - Granada
  3. Granada - Nerja - El Salón beach - Balcón de Europa - Torre del Mar
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Our to-do list

  • Visit the historic city of Seville for its flamenco music scene (Day 1)
  • Explore Córdoba, once the capital of Islamic Spain (Day 1)
  • Marvel at the stunning Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba (Day 1)
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Interesting places we didn’t visit

  1. Alhambra (Granada)
  2. Caminito del Rey!
  3. Fundación Cueva de Nerja
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Day 1: Seville - Córdoba
  • Distance
    142 km
  • Spots

On the first day, we decided to take our time, get to Cordoba, not stopping anywhere else, and walk around the city to get to know it properly.


Cordoba is a former capital of the Cordoba Caliphate, which occupied almost the entire Iberian Peninsula. We were very interested in the Roman Bridge and the Mesquite. Like nothing else, the Mesquite is a fascinating structure, reflecting the checkered history of the southern part of Spain. The city itself is lovely. There are unexpected monuments scattered around the city, for example, Roman columns of an ancient temple standing idly in the middle of the town.

If you want to see the very old streets of Cordoba, it is worth visiting the Jewish area and seeing the synagogue. Also don’t forget to check out Plaza de la Corredera.

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A map showing the route across Andalucia, Spain.
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