Azores, trip with a 7-years kid

Tanya Zanochkina
7 min read · 3 Jan 24


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Embark on a picturesque road trip to explore the Azores Islands. Start from Ponta Delgada and enjoy the breathtaking coastal views, discover volcanic craters as you venture inland and pass through quaint villages. This trip is ideal for families with children as the trails are not too steep, and the distances are not too tiring.

  • Days
  • Distance
    798 km
  • Spots
  • Intensity

Full route

  1. Candelária - Miradouro da Ponta do Escalvado - Sete Cidades - Miradouro da Grota do Inferno - Ponta Delgada - Plantação de Ananás dos Açores - Candelária
  2. Candelária - Ponta da Ferraria - Praia dos Moinhos - Parque Natural da Ribeira dos Caldeirões - Candelária
  3. Candelária - Gorreana Tea Factory Fábrica de Chá Gorreana - Terra Nostra Park - Caldeiras - Miradouro do José Furtado - Candelária
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Our to-do list

  • Explore the historic architecture of Candelária (Day 1)
  • Enjoy breathtaking views from Miradouro da Ponta do Escalvado (Day 1)
  • Marvel at the stunning landscapes of Sete Cidades (Day 1)
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Interesting places we didn’t visit

  1. Lagoa do Congro: Explore the scenic beauty and tranquility of the Congro Lagoon.
  2. Vale das Lombadas: Hike through the picturesque Lombadas Valley, surrounded by lush landscapes.
  3. Castelo Branco: Visit the historical Castelo Branco and immerse yourself in its cultural significance.
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Day 1: Miradouro da Grota do Inferno
  • Distance
    66 km
  • Spots

We started the trip at Miradouro da Ponta do Escalvado (where we later arrived 2 more times on other days, forgetting that we had already been there 😂). We walked along the shore of Lagoa Verde in the direction of Sitio Secreto. It was windy and cold, with a light drizzle. The trail followed the forest, providing good shelter from the wind.

Lunch: Komaki Burger Truck

Next, we climbed to the panorama of Miradouro da Grota do Inferno. It was incredibly beautiful, with the sun just emerging from behind the clouds, casting a lovely light on the lakes. As we started to feel the cold, we headed to the pineapple farm in Ponta Delgada: Plantação de Ananás dos Açores.

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A map showing the route across São Miguel, Azores Islands.
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