Coastal drive, Portugal

Yulia Chernykh
9 min read · 25 Jul 23


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Portugal is a country created for road trips. This time our main route runs along the coast. We are definitely eager to come back and explore numerous national parks.

  • Days
  • Distance
    1,177 km
  • Spots
  • Intensity

Full route

  1. Porto - Aveiro - Mata do Bussaco - Coimbra
  2. Coimbra - Leiria - Mira de Aire Cave - Nazare
  3. Nazare - Peniche - Obidos - Buddha Eden Garden of Peace - Sintra
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Our to-do list

  • Try the oldest port wine in one of the numerous shops in Porto (Day 1)
  • Walk along the shady alleys in Mata do Bussaco (Day 1)
  • Visit the library of the University of Coimbra and see students wearing cloaks like in “Harry Potter”. (Unfortunately, we didn’t) (Day 2)
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Day 1: Porto - Coimbra
  • Distance
    151 km
  • Spots
  1. Remember to buy a port wine while walking around the historical part of Porto. There are a lot of shops; we visited the shop Garrafeira Vieira.
  2. We didn’t visit the most popular place in Porto Lello & Irmão Bookstore because of huuuuuge queue at the entrance. However, if you go for a walk on the other bank of the river, do not forget to drop by Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau.
  3. Aveiro is famous for its canals, called “Portugal Venice”.
  4. Mata do Bussaco is a fantastic and mysterious park with one of the most famous historic hotels in the world.
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A map showing the route across Portugal.
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